Monday, February 28, 2005

Underwear Fetish?

Lot's of guys have an underwear fetish and they enjoy wearing another man's skivvies or sniffing them while they fantasize and masturbate. Some guys even like to lick the dried jizz off of a nice pair of tighty-whiteys. The problem is - how do you go about getting used underwear? Well, for starters if you have a buddy who will donate them then you are in good shape. If you aren't so lucky there are some other options. Many men on the internet will swap underwear with you, but this is hard to come by unless you happen to be gorgeous.
There are several other routes you can take on the road to underwear bliss, though. Some of them less savory than others... and some downright illegal.

Panty thieves have been around as long as panties. It stands to reason that men with homoerotic fantasies would engage in this behavior as well. You might try to pick up an abandoned or unattended pair at your local gym. I've seen all sorts of things left in the locker rooms of health clubs and I doubt anyone is going to come back looking for a pair of sweaty undies they forgot a few days earlier. Be careful, though, if you try to take some that are obviously not abandoned you might get booted from the club, or worse- arrested. If you are sexually active with other men, (ie: if you have alot of tricks) you could try to lift a pair from your unsuspecting lay. This is easier to do when alcohol has been involved. It's much harder to do with someone who comes to your place to fuck... they are likely to become suspicious when they go to get dressed to leave and their 2xist have magically disappeared. You might even "borrow" a pair from a family member such as a brother or father, although it just has a really WRONG feeling to it (and I suspect that if you were willing to do so you already have.)

You know what they say: one man's junk is another man's treasure. Well, there are plenty of guys out there who are willing to part with their "treasures" for a small fee. I know you're wondering, "Is that legal?" The answer is YES. There is no crime against buying or selling used clothing and there is no law that says the item must be washed when you buy it. Of, course you enter into a gray area when you start talking about semen and piss, so you may want to be discreet when asking for a pair of drawers flavored with fluids. The benefit of buying mens used underwear is that you get to be specific about what you want: You can choose which guy they come from (and there are plenty of sexy guys out there who are happy to make a buck.) You can specifiy what brand, style, color, and material you want. You can even get customized used clothing if you want them extra funky or if you have a thing for skid marks! (Hey, to each his own.)
There are adult auction sites out there where guys post all kinds of clothing for you to bid on, but beware. Many of them are really cracking down on what can and cannot be sold - and if you buy something that's against the rules you will get your account cancelled. Your best bet is to find one or two guys willing to sell you their cum stained briefs and buy just from them; this also reduces the risk you take when doing business with someone new. You can post an ad online saying that you are willing to pay a certain amount for a certain type of underwear and then choose from those that respond. Be careful when ordering from strangers on the net. You may send your payment and get nill in the mail ... and there aren't many places to report a claim for your stinky jockstrap that you never got.
It's a good idea to communicate with the potential seller via email a few times, to make sure that they are a real person and that they are serious. NEVER send payment to an address without first getting some sort of PERSONAL response from the seller. There are ads all over the internet telling you to send money to such and such address to receive such and such product. Then a person just sits back and collects the money that flows in and has no idea which spam advertisement it came from (and likely doesn't really care.) Also, ask for a picture of the person and/or the underwear in question and you can usually tell if it is fake or not. Does it appear to be professionally shot? Does it look like an old pic? Does this person have more pictures of himself in regular clothing to prove it's not a stolen photo? Consider these things before investing in your fetish.
Here is one guy that was well known on the auction sites before his account was removed for violating the TOS and selling bodily fluids. He had a great track record of pleased buyees who regularly bought random items from his daily life and he got in trouble for selling the same thing he had been selling on the site for months before. He was understandably upset, given that he had never received a negative feedback, so he built his own webpage where you can buy his used underwear. He's a sexy ex-military punk type and a trustworthy guy who is just full of hot skinhead cum. (Yes, I have ordered before Im guilty!)


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